8 Facts on Cataracts and Cataracts Surgery Cost in Singapore (Bonus: Celebrities who have had their Cataracts treated)

8 Facts on Cataracts and Cataracts Surgery Cost in Singapore (Bonus: Celebrities who have had their Cataracts treated)

Our eyesight is one of the most important body function that we need for our everyday life. Everything is affected if our eyes are not in good condition – from the moment you wake up to the time you have to sleep, you will need your eyes to get work done. That is why it is very much encouraged (especially by the Ministry of Health of Singapore) that we keep our eyes as healthy as possible. By keeping our eyes healthy, we do not only save ourselves the trouble of undergoing medications and treatment but at the same time, it will definitely help ourselves save money by not undergoing the treatments at all.

Ageing, however, cannot avoid taking its toll on eye function. As we age, natural changes in our eyes increase the chance of us to develop certain eye conditions. One of the leading age-related eye condition that may result in blindness if left untreated is cataracts. Although treatment for cataract is readily available, not everyone may be able to afford it due to the cataract surgery cost in Singapore.

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So if you have cataracts or know a person with cataracts and have lately been worried on how much you/they will be spending to get treatment, this article will help you get a rough estimate of how much you will need to prepare for it. A clinic, headed by Dr Claudine Pang, a recognized eye specialist in Singapore, helped us gather these facts on cataracts and cataract surgery cost in Singapore.

  1. Cataracts are characterized by the clouding of the lens in the human eye. It is actually the leading cause of blindness in the world. It is a serious condition that needs immediate action.
  2. People who are 40 years old and above are more likely to develop cataracts. Old age and the buildup of proteins in the lens of the eye (retina) is the reason why cataracts develop. However, a person who have a previous eye injury or surgery, always smokes, is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, or has a family history of cataracts may also be at a high risk of developing one.
  3. Having a blurry vision may be an early symptom of having cataracts. A blurry vision is usually the first obvious indication that you may be suffering from an eye condition. To know for sure if you have cataracts, go to a credible eye specialist like Dr Claudine Pang and have yourself checked. Other symptoms may include
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Seeing colours as faded
    • Difficulty in seeing at night
    • Seeing a halo when looking at bright lights
    • Difficulty in seeing details
  4. Cataract surgery cost in Singapore varies depending on the type of clinic you will have the treatment (public or private). Of course, the cataract cost in Singapore would definitely depend on the type of service and facility the clinic or hospital will be providing you. A private clinic would surely cost higher than a public one. You will need prepare an estimate of$1,300-$4,000 per eye to have a cataract treated.
  5. Eye assessment and examination, type of procedure to be done, and the type of intraocular lens to be used are some consideration you need to take note of that may affect the cataract surgery cost in Singapore. Aside from the type of clinic, you will need to take into consideration of these things. Most hospitals or clinic charge differently on the eye examination you will be undertaking. This is an important stage as this is where your condition will be determined and the eye specialist will know what the best procedure to be done on you is. The treatment or procedure itself will also be charged differently. The lens that will be used for the treatment will also be a different cost.

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  1. Opting for premium lenses will cost you more. If you will be getting premium lenses, you will need an estimate of$4,500-$6,000 per eye.
  2. Post-surgery and after-care cost also need to be prepared. The expenses does not end right after you have done the surgery or treatment. Of course, the eye specialist will need to have post-surgery consultations with you. In addition, he/she needs to prescribe you with certain medications that will help in your healing and speeding up the process.
  3. Cataracts surgery cost in Singapore can be claimed through insurance. One good thing to know about cataract surgery is it is Medisave claimable. A claim of $2,450 off the surgical cost from Medisave can be expected. However, the maximum and minimum claimable amount will depend on your policy. There is a possibility that you can claim up to the full amount of cost including pre and post-surgery visits.

BONUS: If you are feeling a little blue upon knowing that you have cataracts, these two celebrities who have conquered cataracts may just help in lifting your spirits. This is to remind you that you are not alone in this journey and that you can make it through (physically and financially):

  • John Goodman – Academy award-winning actor has suffered and got treated for cataracts on 2013
  • Larry King – Award-winning television host underwent surgery for cataracts in 2009


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