Fat Freeze in Singapore: Is it Really Effective?

Fat Freeze in Singapore: Is it Really Effective?

They say, “chubby is the new sexy”. You are right, there is nothing with being chubby, but too much fat in your body can affect your everyday routine and even your health. There are things that you can do before when you were slimmer that might be hard to do now because of gaining weight. Your clothes will not fit, you easily get tired, and worst, it may affect your health. Diet plans and going to the gym can be a solution but the question is, can you resist the temptation of not eating your favourite food or do you have time to go to the gym?

I know what you are thinking, find another solution! Cambridge Therapeutics can give you the solution. They offer a treatment called Fat Freeze that can remove unwanted fats in certain areas of your body without going under the knife. Yay! Let us see how fat freeze in Singapore works.

What is Fat Freeze?

Beauty therapist applying cryolipolysis treatment. Non-surgical fat reduction

Fat Freezing in Singapore is a non-surgical and FDA approved treatment offered by Cambridge Therapeutics that reduces the unwanted fats on the specific area of your body. It is also known as cyrolipolysis. It permanently reduces the number of stubborn fat cells by about 25% compared to the typical weight-loss method like exercising that it only makes the fat cells smaller.

Fat freezing applies controlled cold temperatures at a specific target area of your body using a vacuum-like suction. It does not damage the skin and surrounding tissues rather it only targets the fat cells, freezes it resulting in them to breakdown. The body will eliminate these unwanted fat cells naturally. The effect of fat freezing is permanent since the fat cells are being destroyed. But take note, it may need several treatments for you to get your desired body goal.

Commonly treated areas are:

  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Arm
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Love handles
  • Double chin
  • Back fat
  • Bra line
  • Under buttocks

Expectations Before the Procedure?

The treatment is FDA approved so it is guaranteed to be safe but a consultation with your doctor for assessment is needed. He or she will assess your desired body goals and determine which specific area of your body will be targeted for the treatment. A recommendation of how many sessions will be given also. Consulting your doctor is very important for you to be able to set expectations and be prepared with the treatment especially financially. Also, expect a fat pinch test before the treatment and they might snap a picture of you for comparison and documentation purposes.

How Effective is the Fat Freezing in Singapore?

Woman getting cryolipolysis fat treatment procedure

Cambridge Therapeutics offers a CryoSculpt and Clatuu 360 fat freeze treatment. It is a non-invasive and safe fat freezing treatment. It does not only reduce fatsit also promotes an increase in metabolism.

CryoSculpt is an advance technology with four major functions: Fat Freeze, Fat Captivation, Fat Ultrasound, and Fat RF Tightening. It uses a combination of vacuum, cryo and led technology which freezes and eliminates stubborn fat cells. They say “two is better than one”, so with this type of treatment, you can combine two treatments or functions (fat freeze and fat ultrasound). Aside from the multiple effects of the treatment, you can save time as well.

Clatuu 360 is the latest technology for fat freezing in Singapore. It uses a modified 360 surround cooling method for higher cooling conductivity. It has a double applicator compared to the old fat freeze treatments that have an only single applicator. You can choose if what type of handpieces would you like, they have wing-type and flat-type. Both can treat a wider area in the same amount of time. Here is the list of advantages of Clatuu 360:

  • Non-invasive
  • Wide treatment area
  • Effective fat reduction
  • USA FDA approved
  • No downtime
  • Faster compared to other treatments

Both treatments are effective but you have to consider that individual results may vary.

Jamie Chua’s Fat Freeze Experience

Another proof of how effective fat freeze is credited to the experience of Jamie Chua, a super glam Singapore socialite who is a fashion entrepreneur and has her brand of beauty products. She also owns more than 200 Hermès bags. “I love to eat, but I need to maintain my figure, so I go to Cambridge Therapeutics twice a week for the Cryosculpt Body Shaping treatment, which freezes and eliminates fat – a single session costs about $1,100.” Jamie Chua reveals that she is not going to the gym, she maintains her body figure by having Cryosculpt Body Shaping treatment in Cambridge Therapeutics.

Featured in The Business Times

Cryosculpt of Cambridge Therapeutics was featured in The Business Times. It is mentioned there how technology was able to cope up with human body goals, how the treatment is done and the average shrinkage in inches you will lose if you undergo the treatment.

Is it suitable for everybody?

The reduction of fat cells is on the specific areas of the body only so obese people are not a good candidate. This treatment is recommended for people who are in good health and wanted to reduce stubborn fats. To ensure suitability, it is still safe to consult your doctor so that you will be assessed and will be given recommendations.


Four to five centimetres is the average circumferential reduced every after the session for the abdomen fat. For four sessions it will be up to two inches. Thigh and arm area reduction are up to one inch after four sessions. Another advantage with fat freezing is that the fats eliminated, of course, will not come back. But watch out for new fats, make sure to have a healthy lifestyle to maintain body figure.


An estimate of $500-$700 is the cost of one session. But the cost of the treatment depends on the area of the body being treated. The smaller the area of the body treated the lower the cost.


Whichever type of fat freezing you will choose, both are safe, non-invasive and FDA approved. Both have the same goal which is to eliminate stubborn fats. Make sure to talk to your doctor with the body goal you want to achieve so that he or she will be able to give you proper recommendations. And concerning the cost, be prepared because this will require multiple sessions which means multiples expenses.

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