SEO Singapore – Top Tips for Bloggers

SEO Singapore – Top Tips for Bloggers

If you are a blogger in Singapore and say you want to sell your artwork, it is highly important for your blog to show up at the top of search engines. To achieve this you will need SEO Singapore.

However, SEO requires both work and patience. This is especially when you consider that Google changes its algorithm every so often. However, don’t let this discourage you. With a few tips and tricks, you can master SEO, have your site rank high on search engines and increase conversions.

Let’s find out a few tips on how to increase traffic using SEO.

Use keywords

Keywords Research

Keywords are the main SEO strategy. When a user is searching for artwork to hang in their living room, they will use certain keywords. For instance, “buy wallpaper Singapore” or “buy art Singapore.”

Therefore, it is crucial to understand not just which keywords to use but also how to place them inside your blog. After all, Google can punish your blog for keywords staffing.

When choosing a keyword, make sure that you try and understand the user intent.

But what is user intent?

This is the intention or goal that the user is looking to achieve. For example, if they are searching for art for their living room, they expect to find images, pictures, or paintings.

Make sure that your keyword directs users to find what they are looking for. The last thing you want is for a user to type in a keyword and be directed to your page only to find that that is not what they were looking for. This causes visitors to quickly leave your site resulting in a high bounce rate.

Once Google finds that users are not reading your content, they will demote your site.

Use low difficulty keywords

Many bloggers who are selling art just like you will often use the same keywords. This creates competition and makes it difficult to rank for those keywords.

An easier and faster way to push your blog to the top of search engines is to use low difficulty keywords. In fact, this is one of the best SEO Singapore strategies.

There are different tools you can use to find keywords that are not too competitive. Examples include Google AdWords or Ahrefs.

These tools compare different keywords, tell you how competitive they are and provide less competitive keywords.

Use long-tail keywords

The great thing about long-tail keywords is they have the least competition. As a result, it is much easier for an art buyer to find your blog.

But what exactly are long-tail keywords?

These are keywords that contain three or four words. For instance, you may find a keyword “art Singapore”. This is a two-word keyword. However, it is more competitive than “buy animal paintings Singapore”

The second keyword is a long-tail keyword. It is more specific and directs online shoppers to exactly what they are looking for. You are therefore more likely to rank for this type of keyword than a short keyword.

Where to use keywords

Keywords should be placed in the title tag and the subheadings tag. Also, use variations of the keyword including long-tail keywords in the content.

However, be careful on the number of times the keyword appears. Search engines will recognize keyword stuffing or using the keywords too many times in the content. Consequently, Google will lower site rankings.

If you are not SEO savvy, do not worry, you can hire the services of an SEO company such as Healthmark to help rank your blog.

Write eye-catching titles and meta descriptions

person writing on laptop

Your art blog SEO Singapore rankings have a lot to do with the click-through rate. This means that more clicks can help push site ranking to the top of the first page in Google.

The first thing that online users see when they type a keyword will be your art blog SEO Singapore title, and the Meta description.

So what makes a user want to click on a title?

Firstly, the title needs to grab attention. Keep in mind that the keyword needs to be part of the title. Also, don’t forget that you have 55 characters to work with. Ensure that the user can read through the entire title from the search engine.

When writing a title, it should answer what the user is looking for.

Also, think about the Meta description. This should also have the keyword and should briefly explain what the user is searching for. All of this will help increase click-through rates.

Optimize your images

For someone running an art blog, images are highly important. They can help your blog rank faster through google image search. One of the main ways you can help google find out what your images are about is to add an alt text. Users will see your image and visit your site.

The second way to optimize your art blog is to ensure that your images load faster. You can use tools that compress images which makes it easier for them to load. A user doesn’t have to wait too long to see your images.

Final thoughts

Regardless of your chosen niche, your blog needs SEO Singapore. This helps it gain more views which ultimately translates to more conversions.


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