What You Should Know About Plastic Surgery in Singapore

What You Should Know About Plastic Surgery in Singapore

Every one of us has at least a part of their bodies that they wished looked different. Whether it is the nose, the skin or the eyes, there are many ways of altering your look through plastic surgery in Singapore. Treatments can range from simple eye bag removal surgeries to more complex procedures such as breast augmentation.

Thinking about plastic surgery is one thing, actually going along with it is another. It takes a long time of continual thinking, research and commitment before someone finally decides to go ahead with plastic surgery.

At the forefront of making a decision is having the right information. While many Singaporeans may be willing to commit to a procedure, they either do not know a competent plastic surgeon or do not understand much about plastic surgery.

Let’s find out more about plastic surgery in Singapore.

Understanding what is a plastic surgeon

Woman prepared for plastic surgery

A plastic surgeon is an individual who has gone through intensive specialist training. They are therefore different from other non-specialist doctors or from other doctors who have specialized in different subjects such as dermatologists.

During the training, plastic surgeons learn how to deal with tissue, how to handle different situations as well as how to perform specialized surgery.

The different types of plastic surgery in Singapore

There are different types and subtypes of plastic surgery. When people hear of plastic surgeons, they automatically think about cosmetic surgery. However, this is just a single subtype of a larger field.

Some of the different types of plastic surgery include:

  • Craniofacial surgery – this involves reconstruction of the face and skull
  • Pediatric surgery – involves treating palates and cleft lips
  • Microsurgical reconstruction – involves treating and reconstructing body parts that have been affected by cancer

The different conditions treated through plastic surgery

Many different conditions are treatable through plastic surgery. These include:

  • Burns
  • Skin cancers
  • Cosmetic problems
  • Cancer reconstructions
  • Trauma reconstructions
  • Lumps and bumps on the skins
  • Congenital defects such as cleft lips

Some of the more common plastic surgery procedures in Singapore include:

  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Nose job

Cost of plastic surgery in Singapore

Plastic surgery cost

There is no one price fits all when it comes to plastic surgery and indeed many types of procedures. The total cost will depend on the type of procedure and the complexity of your situation.

Some of the other factors considered in the costs of plastic surgery include:

  • Length of the procedure
  • If you need to stay at the hospital
  • If an anaesthetic is required

Let’s now rake a lo0ok at average costs of different types of plastic surgeries in Singapore.

  • Breast augmentation – $11000+
  • Beast fillers removal – $5000 +
  • Breast reduction – $12000 -$25000
  • Liposuction (thighs) – $12000
  • Liposuction (arms) – $10000
  • Liposuction (double chin) – $3000
  • Liposuction (tummy) – $8000
  • Tummy tuck – $8000 -$20000
  • Rhinoplasty – $6000
  • Saggy cheeks -$16000 – $20000
  • Jaw reduction (one jaw) – $10000
  • Eye bag removal – $3088
  • Lip lift – $1500
  • Chin augmentation – $3500
  • Fat grafting – $3088
  • Double eyelid – $1800
  • Ptosis – $8000

Expectations during consultation for plastic surgery

The first step after booking an appointment at a plastic surgery clinic such as Dream Plastic Surgery is to tell them about your expectations and the areas that you need him or her to work on. This could involve breast augmentation, double eyelid surgery or tummy tuck. The surgeon will then be able to provide you with relevant information.

Secondly, inform the doctor about your medical history. They will use the information when deciding on the best type of treatment for you. Note that several procedures can be used to treat a cosmetic issue. Your surgeon will evaluate and screen you to find the ideal type of surgery for you.

Furthermore, the surgeon will look into the type of medication that you are currently using. Some of these may be incompatible with the type of surgery that you need and should, therefore, be discontinued a pried before the surgery. For instance, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause a patient to bruise easily during surgery.

Lastly having decided on the type of surgery, some treatments allow the doctor to show you virtual displays of the results. You can then work closely with the doctor to decide on the final results.

Plastic surgery for people in entertainment

People who are always in the limelight such as celebrities, musicians and actors need to look their best for as long as they can if they want to remain active in the minds of their fans. Plastic surgery can help maintain that young and vibrant look.

Final thoughts

Initially, plastic surgery in Singapore was viewed as taboo and few people wanted to involve their family or friends. This owes out of fear of being ridiculed. However, public perceptions have changed and more and more people are exploring the benefits of plastic surgery.


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