Why Jennifer Aniston got a nose job and everything you need to about rhinoplasty in Singapore

Why Jennifer Aniston got a nose job and everything you need to about rhinoplasty in Singapore

Who would have thought that a beautiful actress with an already established perfect face would undergo plastic surgery? After doing some research, it turned out that a deviated septum was the villain. Jennifer Aniston, the lead actress of the hit  90’s American TV Series F.R.I.E.N.D.S and star of countless box-office rom-com movies, speaks about how she struggles from having a deviated septum; a condition where the bone and cartilage that divides the nasal cavity in half is crooked or not aligned making breathing difficult. Moreover, she talks about how rhinoplasty was the best thing she ever did, because more than the aesthetic benefits, she can now sleep well for the first time in years.

What exactly is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty or commonly referred to as nose job is a surgical operation that deals with the correction and reconstruction of the nose. It is a type of plastic surgery that is known to patients that have irregularities with the physical and functional feature of the nose. Such physical aspects involve concerns about how they look and how others see them, and for some, it really is a major concern, particularly for those who are unhappy with their nose size and shape.

Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery

Along with the cosmetic benefits that a patient could have, there are patients like America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, who are more inclined with the functional benefits that they could get if they undergo the surgery. Respiratory problems resulting from an earlier traumatic injury, birth defects or disease that interferes with a patient’s sleep and exercise activities are one of the things that can be mitigated with the help of rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty treatments are intended to reconstruct the nose according to the patient’s desired appearance and functionality while considering the skin type and the entire facial architecture of the patient. For any questions regarding rhinoplasty in Singapore, you can contact the TES clinic today at (+65) 9735 9930. TES clinic that also stands for “The Esthetic Solution” clinic is a unique clinic that offers a wide variety of treatments to treat problems arising from both the soft tissues of the face and the underlying facial skeleton.

Who needs Rhinoplasty?

Individuals whose condition of the nose has an effect on their daily lives are a good candidate for a nose job. Moreover, If you are experiencing problems breathing through your nose stemming from a previous injury, birth defects and illness then rhinoplasty is your best bet. Having something obstructing your nose can lead to problems that can interfere with your exercise, disturb your sleep, contribute to snoring and sleep apnea.

Besides functional reasons, most of the patients who had undergone the surgery came for cosmetic reasons, and in fact, it is the most common facial plastic surgery. So if you’re having concerns with how irregularly shaped your nose is, then rhinoplasty is for you. This surgery can improve your facial characteristics and enhance your natural beauty.

Aesthetics may be enhanced while still retaining the functional aspect, but you should always weigh the risk over the benefits because there is always a possibility that it could go wrong during the operation or later after recovery. That is why rhinoplasty while being a common cosmetic procedure, many plastic surgeons choose not to perform it as it poses a number of challenges.

How does it work?

Preparation for nose job

Your surgeon will assess your nose and ask questions to understand your personal aesthetics and evaluate your needs and just like with other kinds of surgery that involve dealing with the bones, he or she will make sure that you’re way past your growth spurt. After this evaluation, he or she can tell you if your expectations are realistic. The surgeon will also take your general health into consideration and discuss risks, recovery times and costs with you.

So if you pass the initial assessment for you to be liable for a nose job, then the actual operation comes next. This is performed under general anaesthesia, this will involve having a very small incision along the base of the nose. This incision is linked to the other incisions made inside the nose and these incisions will allow access to the cartilage and bones of the nose. Next, the surgeon will perform thorough, meticulous adjustments to the bone and cartilage to improve the nasal passageways.

For small changes, cartilage is taken from deeper inside your nose or from your ear, and if for larger changes, the surgeon can utilize the cartilage from your rib, implants or bone from other parts of your body. The surgeon then places the skin and tissue back to the nose and stitches incisions in the nose after these changes have been done.

After the operation, you will be urged to rest in bed for a couple of weeks for the recovery and during the recovery period, your head is raised higher than your chest so that bleeding and swelling are reduced. In addition, be advised that there is a possibility of swelling of your nose or splinter inside your nose that may have impeded during the operation.

Risks and Complications

Every time that you would consider changing something within your body you should always consider the risk and complications that could come with it. As with rhinoplasty, there are a number of risks associated with it, especially if your expectations and your doctor does not correspond.

One of them is having breathing disturbances which are reported in 70% of the patients who had undergone rhinoplasty. Some patients could feel that their nose is being clogged because of the scars and loss of mucosal-sensation that have accumulated after the operation.

Another is having complications like atrophy, fibrosis, numbness, cysts in the skin tissues from transferred mucosa and ointment-related subcutaneous granulomas. Infection is also a possibility, but most of the time that happens when you undergo rhinoplasty treatments is the postoperative deformities causing revision surgery in 5% to 15% of the cases.


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